Editorial: Put down the pitchforks

It has been a long year-and-a-half that the Skaha Lake Park controversy has divided the community.

Editorial: Powerful symbol

The selection of Viola Desmond as the new face to our $10 bills is already starting to raise some eyebrows.

Editorial: Can’t blow aside the issue of marijuana dispensaries

At least now the city has the ability to ensure a safe operation, if not a safe product.

Editorial: How much oil do we need to be shipping?

Canada should be focused on leading the way, first in energy efficiency.

Editorial: Time for a resolution on Skaha Park

A resolution to the Skaha Lake Park controversy is badly needed.

Editorial: Access to information

With technology and social media, we have more ways to find out what is going on in the world than ever before.

Editorial: Honouring those who sacrificed all

It’s been nearly a century since the first Remembrance Day was celebrated.

Editorial: Price of ice in Penticton

When it comes to the future of Penticton’s Memorial Arena, there are no easy answers.

Editorial: Support is vital for veterans

The current government will soon have to show it can live up to its promises.

Editorial: Hanging the blame

Kleb said it is going to take some time to rebuild trust between Penticton city council and the community.

Editorial: Personal attacks towards Penticton council not necessary

The insults, name calling and unreasoned attacks, frankly, are making this community look bad.

Editorial: Adding up the benefits of small business in the South Okanagan

Small businesses contribute just as much to the economy as any big corporation.

Editorial: Money, power and elections

So far, we’ve steered clear of commenting on the travesty that is the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

STUDY: Could snow reduce need for air conditioning?

Study at UBC Okanagan says it could be beneficial to store snow and then use to cool buildings

Editorial: Playing the blame game in Penticton

Change is going to have to happen, that is as certain as there will be opposition.

Editorial: Fantasy budgets

It’s no surprise that Premier Clark told the grassroots leaders of the province how wonderful things are going to be in coming years

Editorial: Royal recognition

Phillip and the UBCIC should be honoured for their commitment to their personal values and ongoing advocacy

EDITORIAL: Penticton tourism back on track

It looks like the long roller coaster ride for tourism in Penticton is finally nearing an end.

EDITORIAL: Summerland wants to split from school district

Separating into two school districts would mean duplicating administration, and the cost wouldn’t be paid by Summerland council

EDITORIAL: Tech talk

Penticton is set for a big upgrade to internet connectivity, at least for Telus customers.