Princess Margaret Secondary School students Gurman Toor and his prom date Chanel Graham were all smiles at the Penticton Regional Airport last week following his dance “promposal.” Mark Brett/Western News

Dancing into her heart for prom

It was a promposal with wings and a whole lot of shakin’ goin on for two Princess Margaret students

It was a promposal with wings and a whole lot of shakin’ goin on for two Princess Margaret students last week at Penticton Regional Airport.

And to say 17-year-old Gurman Toor’s heart was soaring after getting a positive response from childhood sweetheart Chanel Graham would be a serious understatement.

With one arm around Graham and the other pointing skyward, Toor was all smiles afterwards.

Along with some friends, he came up with the idea of making the proposal at the airport just before Graham’s WestJet connector flight for her family trip to Spain.

He decided to do it with a large poster in the terminal entrance which read: “I’d be pretty fly if I landed you as my prom date.”

So when she came through the doors he was waiting with a dozen red roses, a huge smile and some smooth moves to sweeten the deal.

To the lyrics of Trevor Wesley’s song Chivalry is Dead he quickly danced his way into Graham’s heart and received a positive affirmation of their June 30 prom date.

“I was very surprised, I’m excited, it’s good,” said a shocked Graham, as she stood clutching the bouquet with the group of their friends who came along to do some back up dancing and enjoy the surprise with her. “I’ve been waiting for a prom date since June and it’s May now. I’m happy with Gurman, I’ve known him forever. I was very surprised with this, I was just ready to get on my plane and here we are.”

Her date is an accomplished dancer and the pair attended dance school together.

“I did this because prom is coming up and Chanel was my crush in Grade 1 so I had to pull through and ask her to prom,” said Toor, who had previously planned to ask her at a school function, which fell through. “So I came up with a little caption and do it at the airport because I though it would be a bigger surprise and then I was pretty confident.”

He also had a little help from an inside source, Graham’s mom Cindy who actually works at the airport.

“I was in touch with him so the airport knows and nobody will be arresting them for doing this,” said Cindy. “Gurman didn’t need any encouragement although I did encourage him to dance for this. They are just really good friends so I think this is a friendship proposal.”