Members of JCI Penticton rolled up their sleeves, chopped, stirred and simmered in the Brodo Kitchen to assist the Soup Sisters program prepare a a healthy meal for the South Okanagan Women in Need Society. The group will be doing it again after the kickoff event for JCI Bubbles which helps support the Safexst program. Western News staff

JCI Bubbles kickoff tonight

Penticton JCI kickoff for e-commerce website to support Safexst program

The JCI Bubbles website kickoff event will take place at BRODO Kitchen tonight (Sept. 18) starting at 5:30 p.m.

The website ( provides members of the community a way to made directed donations for the clients in the Safexst program, all year long — not just at one event.

JCI Penticton is launching the new venture in support of the clients served by SAFEXST (Exiting) Program. This project is funded by Public Safety Canada specifically to provide support to those at risk through their use of sex as a means to survive.

The goal is to help individuals make changes at their own manageable pace. This funding, however, cannot be used for any items that can bring warmth, comfort and nurturing outside of life’s essentials. For example, the feel of soft slippers, the sweet taste of chocolate, the smell of a deep conditioner, the comfort of a foot rub, the rejuvenation of a rich moisturizer. Luxury items help to nurture a person, to show them that they aren’t forgotten or alone. They can help give the strength needed to keep on going – to never give up.

Items listed on the website are all made by local businesses. The kickoff event was originally planned to take place at Blasted Church Vineyards, but has since changed to BRODO.

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