Jehovah’s Witnesses hold regional conventions around the world, like this one in Italy. Mid-June, they will gather in Penticton for their fourth convention here. Courtesy

Jehovah’s Witnesses return for fourth year

Jehovah’s Witnesses invite neighbours to their 2017 Penticton convention

June promises to be a busy time in Penticton, with every weekend featuring a different event.

The includes the annual Jehovah’s Witnesses convention, returning to the South Okanagan Events Centre for the fourth year from June 16 to 18.

The regional convention draws an estimated 3,500 of their members to Penticton each year.

The convention is open to all, however, and their official announcement says that for the next few weeks, Jehovah’s Witnesses will endeavour to extend personal invitations to everyone in the region.

The theme of this year’s program is “Do Not Give Up,” which convention spokesperson Peter Matkovich said refers to the biblical message of hope.

“Many today suffer disappointment and feel discouraged, but there is hope. The Bible shows us how to have a happy life now and an even better life in the future,” said Matkovich in a release. The program features Bible-based talks, interviews, short videos and a three-part feature film designed to help families.

Admission is free and no collections will be taken. Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations. The convention program begins at 9:20 a.m. from June 16 to 18.

A copy of the program offered at the convention is available at in the ‘about us’ section of the website under the conventions tab.

In 2013, the South Okanagan Events Centre announced the signing of a five-year contract with the Jehovah’s Witnesses of Canada.

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