Drummers playing for ArtsRising shared a space with the Kidney Walk, bringing their beats to participants in the walk at the Gyro Park bandshell. (Dustin Godfrey/Western News)

Low-turnout Kidney Walk raises $15,000

A few dozen people turned out to a cloudy Sunday morning walk along the beach at Okanagan Lake

Dreary weather Sunday morning meant a low turnout for Penticton’s 2017 Kidney Walk, but the fundraising efforts still managed to hit about $15,000.

“We’ve had a decent turnout — would have been nice to have had more — but it’s all good,” said organizer Annick Lim. “We’ve invited all the local kidney patients, whether you’re on dialysis, whether you’ve already had a transplant or waiting for a life-saving organ.”

Funds raised are going toward research at the Kidney Foundation, as well as toward local community efforts.

“I’ve had a kidney transplant since 1999, and if I didn’t have my transplant, I wouldn’t be here,” Lim said. “So that’s why it’s so critical to raise funds for the organization. The other half of the money that we raised today go toward things like at Christmas time, we bring stuff over to the dialysis clinic. We bring, candy canes, mandarine oranges, things that they’re able to eat.”

The event was held in Gyro Park, where it shared a space with the ArtsRising festival. Because of the shared space, ArtsRising made use of the bandshell to have drummers play for participants and also presented a painting donation to the hospital.

The 2.5-kilometre walk also included a silent auction and a barbecue brunch.


The ArtsRising festival donated a painting to the Penticton Regional Hospital at the Kidney Walk event. (Dustin Godfrey/Western News)

Though dreary weather curbed turnout at the 2017 Kidney Walk in Penticton, in its 10th year running, a few dozen people were still out strutting the 2.5-kilometre walk to raise money for the Kidney Foundation and local efforts. (Dustin Godfrey/Western News)