Egg stuffers (left to right) Monty Pace, Simon Otke and Louis Kay do their best to keep up with demand at the LocoLanding Easter Egg Hunt. Mark Brett/Western News

Video: A weekend of special holiday events

The Easter bunny was kept hopping on the weekend in Penticton

The Easter bunny was kept hopping on the weekend with stops at a number of special holiday events along with the regular home visits.

The fun kicked off Saturday with the annual Easter Eggstravaganza where Bunny, in the company of a stilt walker, showed up at Cherry Lane Shopping Centre.

Kids got to collect the specially painted eggs, had their faces painted with their favourite creations and got some sparkling tattoos.

All free of charge, according to organizers it was a way of giving back to the community.

Meanwhile pilot Derek Robinson of Eclipse Helicopters was up in the air helping the Easter Bunny over Naramata in the afternoon that day dropping ping pong balls for the more than 300 kids to exchange for treats.

To go along with the fun day were bouncy castles, tattoos, a scavenger hunt and colouring contest.

The biggest of the event of the weekend was Monday’s seventh annual LocoLanding Easter Egg Hunt and Fun Day.

When the final figures were tabulated it turned out to be a record-setting two hours.

According to park owner Diana Sterling just over $8,000 was raised with 660 kids taking part and a total attendance of upwards of 1,500.

“What I love the most is that we have over 70 teenagers who have volunteered their time today so 100 per cent of the proceeds can go back to the OSNS (Child and Youth Development Centre) I love it,” said Sterling Monday afternoon. “There are so many kids it’s wonderful to see.

“I love seeing the kids BYOB bring their own basket, they’re so excited to see the Easter Bunny and do all of the activities we have here.”

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Among those attending was Nicole Davis who brought one-year-old Yvonne Honeyghan with her Easter egg basket in hand.

“I think it’s a really great community event, it brings all sorts of kids together and there’s all sorts of activities for them to do. We love it,” said Davis afterwards. “Lots of fun for the kids, and, chocolate.”