$100,000 in estimated damage from flooding

The Penticton marina is estimated to have received thousands of dollars in damage after Tuesday night’s wind storm when two large sections of the breakwater failed.

The City of Penticton said they are working with Emergency Management B.C. to secure emergency funding to repair the breakwater that protects the Penticton Yacht Club marina. The property is leased from the Province by the City of Penticton and is subleased to the Penticton Yacht Club.

Peter Weeber, City of Penticton CAO, said erosion continued throughout the day on Wednesday. Emergency Management B.C. staff were on site with city representatives for most of the day accessing the damage. Emergency repair estimates are expected to exceed $100,000.

“The quick response from Emergency Management B.C. is appreciated. We hope to have word on funding support tomorrow morning,” said Weeber in a press release. “The multi-million dollar facility is at risk as minimal wave action continues to erode the failed sections of the breakwater. Another wind event could be disastrous.”

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