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Bear spray incidents at the beaches

Penticton RCMP were called to Okanagan and Skaha beaches for incidents involving youth

For two nights in a row there were issues with youth that involved bear spray in Penticton.

A group of people hanging out near a fire pit area on Lakeshore Drive on May 26 were approached by teenagers and sprayed with bear spray.

Cpl. Don Wrigglesworth said it was most likely a case of mistaken identity. The suspects were described as male, First Nation teenagers.

On May 27, around midnight, RCMP were called to a disturbance at Skaha Lake where a large group of kids were having a fire at the beach and people had been bear sprayed.

“It was found that there was an altercation where one male had taken bear spray off another male claiming he had sprayed the can into the ground to empty it but him and his friend were exposed as a result,” said Wrigglesworth.

Police said the group was not co-operative with providing information and were sent home.