An evacuation alert for the Kaleden area has been lifted, though firefighters are still working to douse hot spots. Mark Brett/Western News

Evacuation alert lifted in Kaleden

Firefighters are still working to ensure no hot spots flare up in the area

An evacuation alert for Kaleden has officially been lifted as fire crews continue to deal with hot spots in the containment zone, where a fire previously tore through 6.5 hectares of hillside.

As crews continue to work, residents are asked to call 911 if they see smoke or fire activity, with continued fears of a fresh blaze in hot, dry conditions.

The Kaleden wildfire broke out late Tuesday afternoon, causing over 100 to evacuate the area, though all but 18 were ultimately allowed back into their homes at around midnight that night.

The evacuation order for those 18 properties was lifted on Wednesday at around noon, though 186 properties remained on evacuation alert.

The fire was reportedly 100 per cent contained by noon Wednesday, but firefighters may still have some time ahead to continue dousing small hot spots.

Kaleden’s fire chief said he would like to see at least a couple of days without any activity from hot spots before calling the fire fully extinguished.