Bob Marsh Crews worked at “mopping up” the fire line off Knudson Road Tuesday.

Fire crews focus on “stubborn” area closest to Princeton

Fire remains at 60 per cent containment

Fire crews Wednesday are focusing their efforts on the southwestern area of the blaze – the area closest to the Town of Princeton.

“We are trying to choke that off today,” said Incident Management Team deputy commander and information officer Brent Zbaraschuk, in an 8 a.m. interview with The Spotlight.

The fire remains 60 per cent contained.

“There’s nothing to read into the 60 per cent containment staying the same…it’s status quo.”

The fire area nearest Princeton is “stubborn,” he added.

“It’s a heavily forested area with over mature trees. That’s the point that is giving us problems and until it’s not giving us problems there’s a threat,” said Zbaraschuk.

“We are throwing more resources at it today.”

There are 178 firefighters on scene.

Zbaraschuk said containing the southern and southwestern areas of the blaze “may also alleviate some of the pressure on revisiting the [evacuation] boundaries.”

Tuesday residents of 47 properties in the Jura-area were allowed to return to their homes while remaining on evacuation alert.

Another 303 properties – along Highway 5A, Summers Creek Road and at Missezula Lake – are still under evacuation order and Highway 5A is closed.