JOHN ARENDT HOUSING DEVELOPMENT The Parkdale Place Housing Society operates Parkdale Lodge and other properties within Summerland.

Housing development proposed

Parkdale operates senior care facilities, but considers expanding beyond seniors

The Parkdale Place Housing Society is looking to create a multi-generational housing concept on Kelly Avenue, across from Memorial Park.

“Housing is at a crisis level in the South Okanagan, and particularly in Summerland,” said Christine Gray, executive director of Parkdale.

Parkdale operates senior care facilities and has wait lists for its spaces.

However, Gray said the need extends beyond seniors.

She said those working in tourism, hospitality and wine industry jobs in the community are in need of affordable housing.

“I think there are opportunities in Summerland that haven’t percolated to the surface yet,” she said.

The proposed concept would be an infill development with a mixed population of seniors and younger people.

Gray said some subsidized housing would be considered, looking at the income level of the residents.

At present, the details of the proposed concept, including the number of units, have not been determined.

The location was formerly the location of the Parkdale Place facility.

In recent years, municipal council has considered two different proposals for large developments in the area.

While the two Wharton Street development proposals generated significant community interest, neither one became a reality.

Gray said the Parkdale proposal would be different.

Unlike either of the Wharton Street proposals, this one would not have ground-level commercial units.

In addition, because Parkdale is a non-profit organization, no profit factor is being built into the proposal.

Gray and others with Parkdale have presented the proposal to municipal council at a recent morning meeting.

She is now hoping to receive feedback from the community.

“It is critical to get community input,” she said.