A pair of competitors head out on the cycling leg of the 2014 Challenge Penticton race. Western News file photo

Map of traffic delays expected for Challenge Penticton

Map of traffic disruptions on Sunday to allow for the Challenge Penticton 2017 race

Challenge Penticton would like to advise residents and travellers that there will be road closures and delays on Sunday, July 23 due to the race in progress.

These traffic disruptions take place along Highway 97, Highway 3A, Eastside Road and downtown Penticton because of athletes on the roads and there will be traffic control measures to accommodate the event.

Challenge Penticton 2017 is an open course. The only roads that will be closed to traffic are Main Street, Government Street and South Main. Access points to cross Government Street are listed on the next page. Drivers are asked to watch for athletes, slow down and give space when passing.

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The 2017 Challenge Penticton will be incorporating the channel, popular with locals for walking, biking and jogging. The channel will remain open during the race, however race organizers ask that on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. all dogs remain leashed on the channel. Also, out of respect for the athletes that everyone share the path and make every effort not to impede athletes as they race.

“We are thrilled to incorporate this popular route as part of the race to showcase more of what Penticton has to offer and appreciate everyone’s co-operation,” organizers said in a press release.

Access across Main Street in Penticton will be restricted with the following exceptions:

● Westminster Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

● Nanaimo Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

Access across Government Street in Penticton will be restricted with the following exceptions:

● Eckhardt Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

● Duncan Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

● Carmi Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

● Industrial Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

● Warren Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

Access across South Main in Penticton will be restricted with the following exceptions:

● Green Avenue (controlled by flaggers)

Bus Route (race day)

For changes to the Bus Route in Penticton, see the Berry & Smith website http://www.berryandsmith.com/bus_division/public_transit.html