Melting snow has revealed Moose body parts up Postill Lake Road. - Image Credit: 5iveby5ive Media

Moose body parts cause concern

Melting snow has revealed several moose carcasses near a popular road

Melting snow has revealed several moose carcasses near Postill Lake Road that has concerned one Kelowna man.

Sean Heddle was in the area with his mother when he found the remains.

Not only was he disgusted to see the moose heads missing horns, he was upset to see them near a popular road, as it would attract predators.

“Such irresponsible people,” says Sean Heddle. “Not to mention this will attract bears for sure, it stunk.”

Conservation Officer Josh Lockwood says this is not a fresh kill.

Officers were first alerted to this animal dump early in the winter before it was covered in snow.

“We received some complaints of animal parts deposited in the Postill Lake area,” explained Lockwood.

“Officers attended and determined it was a lawful kill. Someone had taken the parts and put them out in an area to be disposed of by natural predators.”

Lockwood says this move is entirely legal, but Conservation Officers would prefer hunters choose somewhere further from the public to dispose of the carcasses.

“This was not a good location,” says Lockwood. “We would much prefer that responsible hunters take their remains to a spot where it is not going to be located, if they are going to feed it back to nature.

“Not so close to a road, not so close to residents because it does track predators and we want to avoid that at all costs.”

Lockwood says when placed appropriately the carcasses do have a place in nature.

“It feeds small critters and others that will feed on it, but we prefer it is in a location not visible to the public.”

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