Parks watchdog remembered

City council watchdog and community advocate Nelson Meikle has died.

Friend and fellow community advocate, Hannah Hyland said Meikle died on Tuesday morning after a battle against a tumour found on his pancreas just a few weeks ago. Meikle was a member of the original Save Skaha Park group, as well as co-founder of Penticton Citizen’s First that formed to save the green space at Skaha Lake Park. He issued his own lawsuit against the city and Trio Marine Group regarding their decision at the time to lease a part of the park to the business.

“Nelson was about doing things legally and correctly,” said Hyland. “He was also always very gracious to people, he may have been upset by an action but never upset at the person.”

Hyland said Meikle was so committed to saving the green space in Penticton that just one day out of the hospital he met and talked with engagement consultant JoAnne Kleb at the city’s Official Community Plan engagement session at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday.

“He lived and worked by the motto truth, transparency and proof. He was unlike any other person I have ever personally met, dedicated to making this community a better place to live in, with no goals of getting fame or riches for himself,” said Hyland. “His vision and work will not be in vain. It is not over.”