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Partial lockdown at city hall after gun threat

RCMP said an altercation between two individuals started at the courthouse

Penticton City Hall was on partial lockdown this morning due to an incident that started at the Penticton Provincial Courthouse.

“Two clients of the courthouse were in line and got into an altercation. Two individuals chased one person out of the courthouse and that person ran across the street and into city hall stating someone had threatened them with a gun,” said Cpl. Don Wrigglesworth.

The City of Penticton enacted a partial shut down policy and the RCMP attended to the scene. Wrigglesworth said the people alleged to be threatening the individual were searched and no gun was found.

“No charges were laid, there was no threat to the public. It was people in an argument and shooting their mouths off and references were made about a gun,” said Wrigglesworth.

City of Penticton communications officer Mark Parker said city hall was put into a partial lockdown around 10 a.m. The front doors were monitored and customers coming and leaving were informed of the situation. Full operations have since resumed at city hall.