Penticton extends consultation period

Penticton residents have more time to decide if they support or oppose expanding city boundaries.

The consultation period for the City of Penticton’s plans to add 300 acres to its boundaries next to the Skaha Bluffs has been extended by two weeks. (File photo)

Penticton residents are going to have a couple of weeks extra to get informed about the Skaha Bluff expansion or to submit a petition against it.

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City staff are bringing a report to council tomorrow recommending Nov. 15 as the end date of the alternate approval process for the boundary expansion, instead of the planned Oct. 31.

The change in timeline is being proposed to address a conflict in the dates included in some of the notices prepared for the community information sessions but, according to the city’s press release, has the added benefit of providing more time for residents to learn about the proposal and voice their opinion.

“Through the recent community events, we are getting a lot of great questions about this application and what it means to residents,” said Anthony Haddad, director of development services. “The extension will provide more time to continue the conversation with the community and prepare more of the detail residents have asked for.”

Staff are planning an additional open house on Oct. 14 at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. At the open house, residents will be able to speak with staff about the Upper Wiltse Area Structure Plan as well as the Skaha Bluffs Area Boundary Extension Application.

Since the application was first presented to Penticton city council on Sept. 19, information about the proposal has been available on and staff have hosted information sessions on September 27 and 30. A family-friendly Open House is also planned for Oct. 5 starting at 3 p.m. at Wiltse Elementary.

“After speaking with people at various engagement activities, we are hearing that some residents would like a refresher on the plan for the whole area and understand how it aligns with the Official Community Plan before forming an opinion on this application,” said Haddad.

Petitions already received against the expansion will be included under the new timeline. Residents can get copies of the petition at City Hall as well as online at