Lord Voldemort’s spirit (Pen High’s Mickella Biggs) the first witness in Harry Potter’s second degree murder trial with Calypso the RCMP victim services dog, under questioning bu defence counsel Clive Bradley of Pen High. Judge Tyrone Duerr presiding. Mark Brett/Western News

Potter beat murder rap

Not guilty.

Harry Potter walked away a free wizard after a 12-person jury of his warlock peers cleared him of the charge of second degree murder in the death of Hogwart Academy instructor Professor Quirrell in Penticton Provincial Court Friday.

The case was heard in front of judge-for-a-day, Tyrone Duerr of Boyle and Co. law firm.

It was the first of two mock trials involving Provincial Crown Counsel, members of the local bar, secondary and middle school students.

The second matter was a first-time civil suit for the mock trial which is part of the annual Law Week activities and involved Humpty Dumpty vs. The King.

Law Week is a collaborative effort on the part of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC, the Law Foundation of British Columbia, the Law Society of British Columbia and the Penticton and District Bar Association.