Record breaking temperatures in the Okanagan for November.

Record breaking weather in the South Okanagan

In Penticton, a new record high was set for Nov. 8 date at 17C.

Okanagan residents who aren’t fans of frigid temperatures will likely be happy with Environment Canada’s updated winter forecast.

“We are looking at a warmer than normal winter,” said Ross MacDonald, meteorologist with the national weather agency.

In Penticton, a new record high was set for Nov. 8 date at 17C. The previous record was 13.3C dating back to 1958. In contrast the record low was -13.3C set in 1948. Osoyoos, Oliver, Summerland and Kelowna all had record highs on Tuesday as well.

The hottest spot in the province was Ashcroft. They more than doubled their record set in 2015 with a high of 23.4 C.

The initial outlook for December, January and February was a lot colder in the province.

Forecasters had said this year’s El Nino cleared the way for a La Nina, which was set to barge its way through, bringing with it colder than normal temperatures.

“As it turns out, the La Nina signal has really weakened off,” said MacDonald.

“So as it stands, we are expecting a 70 per cent chance of a La Nina, and if it happens it will be quite weak.”

Further warming up the skies is the sea.

“As we’ve been observing for the last couple of years sea surface temperatures off the west coast have been warmer than normal, and we’re seeing that continuing into this year as well,” said MacDonald.

All in all, the weather will be warmer in the Okanagan and most of B.C.

What that means for rain and snowfall, however, is anyone’s guess.

That, said MacDonald, is too hard to predict.