Residents notified BC Wildfire Service about a fire burning above Cawston Wednesday night.

Another fire near Cawston

Residents near Cawston are seeing another fire high up in the mountain.

Another fire burns near Cawston.

During the evening Wednesday residents started to see an orange glow on the backside of K-Mountain looking over Cawston.

The orange glow was noticed burning from homes on Newton Road and surrounding area.

BC Wildfire Service has been contacted about the fire.

It’s unknown at this time what action might be taken or how large the fire has grown.

Keremeos fire chief Jordy Bosscha said the fire is out of coverage area for the department.

He wasn’t aware of any trails in the area and said access to the site would be limited. He also noted he did not see any lightening in the area at the time the fire broke out.

This is the second fire in the Cawston area in as many days.

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A fire broke out up Fairview Road Tuesday afternoon. The fire grew to 15 hectares in size at one point but was extinguished overnight by BC Wildfire.

We will update this story as more information comes available.