RCMP watch as Penticton firefighters extinguish the a shed fire on the southern end of the Okanagan River Channel where floaters usually disembark. Mark Brett/Western News

Shed fire at south end of the channel

A fire was started in a shed at the south end of Penticton on Tuesday

Update: Capt. Blaine Dionme of Penticton Fire Rescue is saying a fire that apparently started outside a shed at the south end of the Okanagan River Channel Tuesday afternoon is suspicious.

“At this time it is somewhat suspicious just because it’s so co-incidental. We just had one there last week and and now we have one here this week, it’s just too coincidental,” said Dionne at the scene. “There was lots of smoke when we first arrived and a lot of open flame on the grassland, this stuff is still dry.”

He estimated flames were about a metre high and there was plenty of smoke when crews arrived around 5 p.m. Three RCMP vehicles were also on scene along with more than a dozen firefighters.

Dionne believes the building is owned by Coyote Cruises and is thought to be used for storage. He added there was nothing valuable inside.


A fire started in a shed located at the south end of the Okanagan River Channel on Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters and RCMP remain on the scene after responding to a call of flames seen in the area around 5 p.m. Witnesses at the scene said it appears the fire was started on the west side of the building where a bunch of dry grass was also burned. Firefighters quickly put extinguished the flames.

The shed is located just north of the parking lot where the walking trail begins. A brush fire also occurred near that area last week.

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