Trio Marine Group completed the first step in the journey to expanding and developing the Skaha Lake Marina. -courtesy Google Maps

Trio Marine meets first milestone

Expanding and enhancing Penticton’s Skaha Lake Marina is one step closer

Almost two years after signing their original agreement with the City of Penticton, Trio Marine Group is on their way to refreshing the Skaha Lake Marina.

Trio submitted a five-year marketing plan, operating plan, and revenue and expense statement for the Skaha Lake Marina, restaurant and retail area, this week, meeting the first March 15 deadline.

“Now that a lot of the drama and uncertainty has sort of settled, we’re moving forward,” said Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “They’re adhering to at least the first phase of the conditions precedent they had to fulfill.”

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A safety inspection required by the agreement was also carried out on March 15. The next stage is the city’s review of the documents, with up to May 15 to advise Trio whether they are acceptable.

The Revised Enhanced Marina Agreement allows Trio to operate the marina, marina building/restaurant, retail area, as well as some parking and the existing concession facilities.

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Jakubeit said staff is reviewing the Trio submissions, and while he’s not sure how detailed the proposal is, it is a good sign they are moving forward and Penticton is one step closer to the marina being expanded and a restaurant.

“A lot of people come here to enjoy our lakes as a tourist, but a lot of our residents also enjoy the opportunity to go out on the lake, just to go for a boat ride and relax, or to go waterskiing or fishing,” said Jakubeit, adding there is value to offering people a way of keeping their boat easily accessible.

“Both lakes have waiting lists for people wanting the ability to moor their boats,” he continued. “I think it is important for us to have that. Any lake that is large enough to have boats on it, you usually see some sort of marina.”

In their press release, the city stresses there are no options in the agreement for any type of water slide, hotel or other commercial facility in Skaha Park, a common rumour in the community.

Under the agreement, Trio can increase the number of boat slips from 60 to 100 and make improvements to the existing marina building and marina facilities. The improvements will make the facilities more visually appealing, functional and safe with no net loss of green space.

There are, however, two milestones where Trio’s operation could be expanded. In 2018, the city may propose a seasonal marine amenity in the foreshore area similar to the Witbit aquatic play area operating on Okanagan Lake.

And in 2019, the city can propose a renewal or replacement of the existing boathouse and concession, which could be amalgamated into one new building with no net loss of green space.

Both facilities would be built and operated by Trio, subject to public input and city approval.

A fact sheet on the Skaha Lake Marina re-development is available at City Hall question and answers section of

A council report including details of the revised agreement is available in the agenda package from city council’s December 1 special meeting at