This sign let staff know that Vernon Jubilee Hospital was over-capacity Monday morning.

Vernon hospital overflowing with patients

Signs were posted in the hallway Monday morning notifying physicians and staff that the census was 228 patients

Vernon Jubilee Hospital is experiencing cramped conditions.

Early Monday morning, signs were posted in the hallway notifying physicians and staff that the census was 228 patients, while VJH has funding for 182 beds.

However, officials insist that being at 127 per cent capacity isn’t unusual.

“It’s important to note that these numbers are simply a snapshot in time that change on a daily basis,” said Richard Harding, hospital administrator, in a statement.

“We also tend to see a higher number of patients in hospital after the weekend given that we complete fewer discharges over the weekend. All of our patients are being appropriately cared for according to their medical need, and we’d like to thank our staff and physicians, who are working hard to provide safe, quality care to all hospital patients. We continue to work with our physicians and community and residential partners to transition patients from the hospital to the most appropriate care location.”

Harding admits it is a busy time of the year at VJH as influenza makes the rounds.

“We want to reassure the public we are open and ready to care for anyone who attends hospital,” he said.

“We do ask that people be patient when waiting to be seen in the emergency department as people are seen and treated based on the urgency of their needs. The general public can help by minimizing the spread of illness. This means using proper hand-washing techniques, coughing and sneezing into the crook of an arm, wiping down frequently used objects and common surfaces, and properly disposing of tissues. This can also mean staying home from work, school or social gatherings if you are feeling ill.­”