Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Ashton running on his record

I spat my coffee after reading that headline.

And, it only got worse as I continued reading.

A few of Dan’s highlights: As the Mayor of Penticton, along with city council, sold chunk of land to Okanagan Hockey Academy for dorms and contracted with a scheister who ended up making a mess, costing folks and the taxpayers millions and then tried to walk away from it. Checkmark that one Dan.

Further in the article he claims “You have to keep your fiscal house clean.” Kinda like when you were mayor, and knowing you were going to jump to provincial politics, so you used contingency fund money to offset property tax hikes for two years? How’s that turned out for you Penticton? Huge hikes the last two years, underfunded contingency fund, but yes, Dan Ashton knows his fiscals.

Send this man to the unemployment line come May 9.

Kelly David