Letter: Be the village

Every Monday night a small group of people gather at Nanaimo Square. What do they do there?

They be village like. Penticton has a rather large population of hungry and homeless and some villagers have taken it upon themselves to do what they can to curb this. Home cooked meals are made and served around 5:30 along with cold beverages. Toiletries are also handed out (tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, condoms, feminine hygiene products and deodorant) and of course free hugs.

We are currently looking for more people whom would like to take over a few Mondays here and there as well as donations.

Many of the items needed are posted on Facebook through the “Keep The Cold Off Penticton” page or you can email myself, Kristine Lee Shepherd at kristinelee76@gmail.com for a list of items needed week to week, if you want to volunteer or just have questions about the dinners. I encourage you to come by one Monday and see what we do.

I’d like to thank all those whom have already helped out through serving, cooking and donating as we would not be able to pull this off without your support. So instead of sticking your loonie in the “kindness meter” why not donate to “Monday Night Dinners at Nanaimo Square” where an impact is made on a weekly basis. 100 per cent of the money, food and other items go directly to the less fortunate in Penticton.

Kristine Lee Shepherd and crew