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Letter: Beauty pageant and liar contests

Searching for political candidates’ job applications

Beauty pageant and liar contests

I’m searching today’s primary source of information, the internet, for the various political candidates’ job applications.

Nothing but cherry-picked, unsubstantiated pseudo-summaries of their past, a few promises, big smiles. Where are the job applications that we would require for a cashier position at Tim Hortons? Where are the resumes? Last 20 years’ employment? Letters of recommendation from their employers, supervisors, and co-workers?

They want us to trust them managing hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars. Where are their bank references, their credit references, their police records?

How about character references? When we buy a widget on eBay, there are dozens of user reviews, and a percentage of approval. Are 20 to 50 verified letters of recommendation, from respected and credible people who will put their names on the paper, too much to demand from a candidate for high political office?

When candidates are transparent and honest enough to post comprehensive, witnessed and notarized affidavits of history online for the voters to study, I will be able to cast an intelligent, informed vote. Until then, the title of this letter is my opinion of elections in Canada (and the USA).

Jonathan Sevy