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Letter: Committees are a good thing

How about it Mayor Jakubeit? Why not reinstate the FAC?

Committees are a good thing

We used to have a Financial Advisory Committee. It all came to a head shortly after the loss of George Little.

George was a great public asset to our community. Committees are set up at the discretion of the mayor. The better the committee; the better council looks as they make better decisions.

Former mayor Dan Ashton innovated with several new committees including the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) even though its powers were limited. These new committees were an excellent beginning for utilizing the strengths in a community to public advantage. This was one of Ashton’s strengths while in office; the ability to work with other people for the common good.

The FAC was a good committee. They were disbanded in a fit of pique by former mayor Garry Litke during his short term in office. The FAC had the temerity to demand more access to the financial records of the city. It is really too bad that Litke was unable to see or understand the advantage this provided to council and to the community he was elected to serve.

We need a new financial oversight committee that is allowed to sit on a regular basis and is able to gain access to all financial records and advise city council on their best options. This can be a great benefit to council and taxpayer pocketbooks.

Most city councils are elected from the population at large. They have average knowledge and experience and this has its own benefits. However successful ‘money men’ such as accountants do not wish or have the time to sit on city council.

Men like letter writers Llewellyn, Regehr and Wiltse and many other financially knowledgeable local people would be a great asset to this community if their talents were utilized to our benefit through committee work.

How about it Mayor Jakubeit? Why not reinstate the FAC? These problems are not going away by themselves. It is never wrong to seek advice with financial problems or take advantage of the store of public knowledge that is out there free for the asking. That advice, if solid and acted upon, can mitigate any council shortcomings and increase council’s reputation for making sound financial decisions.

Elvena Slump