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Letter: Dangerous habitat for wildlife (and humans)

Let’s get a grip on this ridiculous argument

I say it is of the utmost importance that we quit discriminating against certain animals.

Ever see a newborn calf? Every bit as cute as a deer.

Unleash the beasts. Cows, bulls, pigs, you name it, all roaming free. If they cause trouble, call them beef, pork and other delicious words. The cougars are not on our menu, so, move them. The deer are on our menus in high-end restaurants, hunter’s dinners and First Nations’ dinners, too.

Let’s get a grip on this ridiculous argument. Tranquilize the deer and move them? Don’t be silly. We need the money in many, many more useful ways to support hungry children, or send to our northern communities for safe water and education.

How about a big community venison dinner? I’ll pay $20 to support that.

And, if you don’t want to hear about the tragic and dangerous wild (not tame) deer, fine. But I saw a mule deer this past week. Whatever can happen with deer attacking people and pets, causing traffic accidents in which people are injured or killed, if just got that much worse.

So either unleash all beasts and whatever happens, happens. Or get some sense around this pervasive issue. There are solutions. These animals are not the movie called Bambi. They are dangerous.

Lynn Greene