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Letter: Disappointed in politicians

I am very disappointed and ashamed to have voted for those elected

Disappointed in politicians

I am still trying to figure out why those at city hall act the way they do.

They selfishly, from day one, forged ahead against the public while never thinking of the impact on the public. I have seen seniors cry because of Skaha. The long hours so many have put in to fight such a rogue city hall and the stress it has caused to those opposed to their selfish ways. We all know high stress levels are related to health issues, yet they selfishly move forward never considering the negative impact they have had on so many lives.

To them it seems to be more important to achieve their dream team agenda ahead of public concerns. A fine example besides Skaha Park is the many cases of handing out building permits against major public opposition. Is this to raise capital so they can continue to finance their own downtown city plan agenda? Capital to pay lawyers and consultants?

To give a long-term lease to a business without proof of capital is beyond bad politics. Showing good business sense has long gone out the window. Why? Why? Why? Is their aim to achieve their legacy no matter what the public thinks or what of the collateral damage they may leave behind? Have they ever considered the total consequenses of their actions?

As politicians I am very disappointed and ashamed to have voted for those elected, as humans they disgust me. Penticton and the public deserve better than this. One year and five months to go.

Clifford Martin