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Letter: Don’t slam marijuana dispensaries

I find it hard to justify taking any pharmaceutical drug in this day and age.

Don’t slam marijuana dispensaries

This is in response to the letter entitled Not in a position to practice medicine (Martyn Lewis, Western News, Feb 24). It does not surprise me to see someone from the pharmaceutical industry spewing forth his verbal diarrhea slamming marijuana dispensaries, considering the dent pot is putting in their industry.

First of all, I would like to correct Mr. Lewis on his choice of words; pot is a herb, not a drug. A drug is man-made in a lab; pot is an organic plant that can be grown in your backyard.

I find it hard to justify taking any pharmaceutical drug in this day and age, considering all the possible side effects that go along with these wonder cures; swelling of the throat and tongue, difficulty breathing, nausea and vomiting, new or worsening lymphoma that can be fatal. Why in my God’s name would I take the chance of contracting one of these side effects? And, if I do contract a side effect then I have to take another medication to counteract it, risking more side effects from the second medication. Before you know it, you are on ten medications full-time, spending who knows how much money on your meds, and walking around like a zombie half the time. Next time you see a commercial for one of these medications, listen to the pleasant music and watch doves flying around as they tell you that you may die from this medication.

To the pharmaceutical industry, I say no thanks. If my arthritis flares up or I tweak my back doing yard work, I will be using a natural organic plant to cure my ailments, whether it is smoked or consumed. It was instrumental in helping me heal from my motorcycle accident last September, and I am now back to doing full insane workouts at the gym.

I believe it is my right as a free Canadian to treat my ailments in the manner that I choose. I turned 58 about a month ago and have never felt better or been in better physical shape, even better than I was in my thirties. Just something to ponder, ladies and gentlemen; there are alternatives to stuffing yourself with pills and parting with your cash.

Mark Billesberger