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Letter: Fracking mess

The LNG/fracking industry is much dirtier than we’ve been told

Fracking mess

Researchers recently discovered that methane emissions from the LNG/fracking sector are at least 2.5 times higher than the government estimates, meaning the LNG/fracking industry is much dirtier than we’ve been told.

Methane is 84 times more potent as a climate pollutant than carbon dioxide and has a relatively short lifespan, so reducing methane emissions will have a quick and major impact on GHG’s and is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to help address climate change.

The natural gas/fracked gas industry is releasing methane into the air 24 hours a day and most of these emissions are not being measured, monitored or reported.

The planet can’t afford the federal government’s recently announced delay of three years to take action to reduce methane pollution. We all need to ensure that all of our government “leaders,” the media and your friends get this message ASAP.

New research shows that LNG/fracking is the largest source of climate pollution in B.C. It’s past time to invest in a clean energy economy, and clearly LNG/fracked gas is not a reasonable transition fuel.

All of us need to understand and promote the “100 per cent transition” to a renewable energy “electric powered economy/society/world” ASAP. Nothing short of this can be tolerated for economic, health, and environmental reasons. For a greater understanding, watch: Mark Z Jacobson (68 min)

Richard Kildaw P.Eng.