Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Fundraiser keeps family memories alive

Family is something many of us take advantage of

I will be 20 years old this coming September and long story short, two years ago I got diagnosed with a developmental and intellectual disorder.

For a little over a year I had been organizing a small fundraiser called The Lilac Project in other words, Lilac Day. It was a fundraiser I created in memory of a loved one who past away four years ago from breast cancer.

June 24th (day of the fundraiser) was her birthday, and lilacs were her favourite flowers, hence the name Lilac Day. For a long time I was talking about how I wanted to create a special fundraiser in memory of the family member, however, so many people didn’t think I would succeed due to my learning.

On Saturday, June 24 I raised $435 to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, specifically towards breast cancer research. My original goal was $250. I raised funds by doing multiple photo sessions at the Penticton Leir House. Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was 14 years old, however, I’ve really been getting into it over the past two years. My dream is to become a professional photographer here in the Okanagan, and I hope to make Lilac Day an annual event for friends, family and the public in memory of my aunt.

I’d love to thank everyone who came out, and for thank so many local businesses that donated there time and effort as well.

I was inspired by my mom, godmother and my aunt for getting into photography. I don’t care about the money or the picture. I care about the moment that I’m able to freeze and always remember. That’s one of my top goals, to help other families freeze their special moments.

Family is something many of us take advantage of and don’t realize it until you lose someone special. A quote my aunt told me before she past was. “she believed she could, so she did.”

Izabella Arnold