People from around the valley were inspired by the call to help 4.5 year old Cheysa Goudie get her service dog Murphy. Diane Hawtree (left) and her fiancé Dale Wittich (2nd from left) from Peachland were in Penticton that day and happened to pick up a copy of the Feb. 24, Penticton Western News. They were so moved by Cheysa’s story that they dropped in to the fundraising event held Sunday at Cannery Brewing to make a donation, that helped the Goudie family get a third of their goal. Also pictured are Cheysa’s parents Wendy and John Goudie. The family will bring Murphy the service dog home to Penticton in the coming days. Photo courtesy of Kim Lawton

Letter: Helping Cheysa

Family expresses thanks to community for giving to fundraiser to help Penticton girl.

Helping Cheysa

Our community is amazing.

John and I can’t express how deeply thankful we are. Through the generosity and support of this community, we are now able to bring Cheysa her service dog, Murphy.

It’s surreal to have so many people take a direct role in giving our little girl freedom, confidence and most importantly — safety. As parents, we are so grateful, relieved and inspired by the response we have received. The number of people that supported Cheysa is incredible. It’s so moving to see so many people come together and make something so special happen. The enthusiasm from local businesses involved was fantastic. Penticton is such a special community.

Through the fundraising event held at Cannery Brewing, donations, and the GoFundMe page, we surpassed our goal. The community donated enough to cover all costs associated with pairing Murphy and Cheysa for the next two years. It’s an amazing feeling to be supported to this level.

The most valuable part of this experience is that Cheysa is learning about community and what is means to be part of it. You give support and help people whenever you can. Sometimes you know them and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it’s small and sometimes it’s a lot. The impact of everyone coming together for each other is powerful. This is a life changer for her, thank you so, so much.

In the next few days, our family will go to pick up Murphy. We can’t wait to introduce Cheysa to Murphy and get them started on their training.

Special thanks to Patt Dyck, Kim Lawton and the team at Cannery Brewing, Karen Chamberlain, Corrie Omand-Brown, the Penticton Western News, the Penticton Herald, Castanet and once again, our generous and supportive community.

Wendy and John Goudie