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Letter: Hospital parking woes

Handicapped parking is free in the whole city but not at the hospital

Hospital parking

Recently I had a medical procedure done at the Penticton General Hospital.

I had full intentions to donate a substantial amount to the building fund of the hospital while I was there.

Since I have a handicap permit I parked on one of the handicap parking spots close to the entrance. As I walked away from the car a lady approached me and asked me if I knew that I had to pay a parking fee even though I was parked in an handicapped spot. I explained to her that in Penticton you don’t have to pay if you have permit and park in a reserved parking spot.

I phoned the front office to check this out. A very friendly lady explained to me that it was indeed a fact that handicapped parking is free in the whole city but not at the hospital. I don’t know who came up with this unbelievable decision but I must have an explanation that makes sense before I will make my donation. Sorry.

Bernie Strohmann