Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Housing desperately needed

Don’t wait until you or a loved one join the ranks of the disabled

Housing desperately needed

Penticton Western News front page, Dan Ashton quote … “By purchasing existing buildings, we are able to provide safe and comfortable homes in a shorter period of time than construction of new buildings.”

Amen! Accessible and affordable housing is a local priority, and more vital than expanding the French language school base (Penticton Western News, May 10, SD67 considering selling former school). Thus, McNicoll Park School should only be considered a housing resource.

From Penticton City Council, through architects, developers and construction builders, please wake up, give your heads a shake and adopt the attitude of doing something now. Don’t wait until you or a loved one join the ranks of the disabled. Time is of the essence.

To expedite this exciting,vital matter, may I humbly suggest the following: Dan Ashton (MLA), Jim Treleving (Boston Pizza), Bruce Shoenne (Schoenne Homes), Jim Morrison (Wildstone) plus David Kampe and reps from Greyback and Kenyon form an ad hoc advisory committee and launch an action plan so 2018 will indeed be a happy new year for us consumers. These intelligent ‘power players’ can make things happen in a heartbeat because they are also sensitive, caring folks — who don’t talk things to death.

C’mon Penticton, take a listen to this then react asap:

James Ludvigson