Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: How do we stop bullying?

The mayor did what was required of him by law

How do we stop bullying?

Our daily newspaper (Friday, May 26, Mayor sought judge’s help to eliminate $150,000 debt, exclusive by Joe Fries) should think before they print.

It appears to me that Joe, James Miller and gang are trying to destroy our mayor and family to appease their negative readers.

The mayor did what was required of him by law, disclosing all that was asked at the time and I am sure this situation was tough enough on Mr. and Mrs. Jakubeit and family so why would Joe and James — the two bullies — not have some compassion?

Why print this garbage that is none of our concern except to shame someone? Or, is this all about the Herald not getting the main printing contract from Penticton city hall?

Maybe Mr. Joe and Mr. James should try researching some positive news or better yet, try running for city council next election and get a taste of none ending criticism.

Don Herman