Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Keep up the good work

Rooting for Dan Ashton and the successful completion of housing projects

Keep up the good work

I’d like to add to Sandra Bowman’s letter to the editor (Penticton Western News, April 26, Hospital expansion project) to thank Dan Ashton.

She mentioned his successful work with all levels of government to build the hospital expansion.

On the TV leadership debate, the first question was concerning affordable housing. In this regard, I look forward to Dan Ashton’s successful completion of the project at the site of the old Bel Air Motel, and the others in the works. This will mean at least 179 new affordable housing units in Penticton, plus 68 units for seniors’ affordable housing units in Peachland.

Keep up the good work, Dan Ashton.

Diane Jones