Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Kudos all around for a job well done

I recently spent a few days helping with the cleanup at the property in Penticton

I recently spent a few days helping with the cleanup at the property behind KFC and Taco Bell.

I am proud to say I was a part of this, but thanks should go out to all of people who were involved and did much more than I did. I would like to thank Jake Evans for bringing this to the attention of social media, where most of the volunteers were found.

I have much respect for Jake. He is one of the most community-minded people I have met here in the 19 years I have lived here; in my opinion he displays a high degree of leadership and would make a fantastic councillor.

I have met some very nice people in the process (including the homeowner, who is a very nice lady) and I will be offering my services in the future when the landscaping, fencing and painting start.

Even after 58 years of being on this earth, doing something nice for someone still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling all over. Seeing the smile on the homeowner’s face? Priceless! I am happy to say that the community spirit in this city is still very much alive.

On a side note, I recently met with a senior RCMP official as well as Dan Ashton regarding the level of property crime in Penticton and how repeat and prolific offenders are constantly being given the bare minimum as far as sentencing goes. I came away from both meetings with a positive feeling that both individuals are genuinely concerned and ready to take action.

I would like to thank the RCMP for their increased patrols at night along with the community watch group that patrols the alleys as well. It seems to be having an impact on the number of thefts in the city. I love the idea of the bicycle registry; I think this will help greatly.

In closing, kudos all around for a job well done. This is beginning to feel like the Penticton I knew and loved 19 years ago when I moved here. Let’s all pitch in so we can truly say that Penticton is a place to stay forever.

Mark Billesberger