Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Not convinced

The wrongs of the City of Penticton mayor and council cannot be smoothed over

Not convinced

As engaging and polite as they are, JoAnne Kleb and CAO Peter Weeber simply cannot restore the hopes and trust I had in the City of Penticton mayor and council.

Even though they are good at their job to cover for the city, claiming they want to “hear the public” such as at the open house presentation of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Draft No.2, they cannot smooth over the wrongs that the mayor and council, and certain employees are doing to Penticton, particularly to our parks.

We, the public, are like a wife with a husband that thinks he can do what he wants. That he is above the law. He betrays, belittles, ignores and uses the wife. He then hires counsellors to try and convince her that he and his actions are not so bad and that she should just forget any wrongs and “move forward.”

This current council has done just that to this community, particularly in regards to our public parks. In the case of Skaha Park, they bypassed the bylaws regarding parks, practically giving away what is one of our dearest and rightful inheritances. They entered into an alliance with self-seeking developers, without our knowledge and consent, without a lawful referendum — a betrayal. They shrugged off our many many pleas and petitions and letters-ignoring and belittling us. They created committees and hired expensive consultants that they hoped would convince us that they, the masters were in the right. Meanwhile, using us and depleting the family resources

The “husband” has not been truly remorseful nor asked for forgiveness for these things. And, still has the same interests and expressions, and still dallies with his other partners.

So, JoAnne and Peter and others, this may explain why this wife is not going to be convinced or take it lying down.

Hannah Hyland