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Letter: Please step forward

Will the Mr. and Mrs. Stanley’s please step forward

Please step forward

Stanley Park is designated a national historic site of Canada and Stanley Park is a magnificent green oasis in the midst of the heavily built urban landscape of Vancouver.

Thanks to the foresight of people in 1888 when they dedicated that beautiful, natural waterfront land as a city park. What would that city and the people be without it?

Skaha Lake Park is a beautiful “oasis” in Penticton. It needs to be dedicated to remain, just as it is.

What we need is people with influence, and or money, and especially a good heart, who can get our beautiful Skaha Lake Park dedicated to remain just as it is — protected, preserved as public, unencumbered, a passive, open spaced, green park land.

Will the Mr. and Mrs. Stanley’s please step forward? Call me, I want to help.

Hannah Hyland