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Letter: Refocus attention on new arts venues

A financially viable performing arts centre will make Penticton a truly great city

The present City of Penticton mayor and council needs to refocus their vision to include all and every Penticton and region resident, first and foremost.

Congratulations to past councils and civic planners, as this has been done over the past years with the many sports venues in the area. This time the attention should be turned to the arts; especially all kinds and venues of the performing arts. The developers would flock to our area and they would not have to be bribed with tax incentives to set up businesses here.

Who does not want to live in a vibrant city with a bonus of two lakes with beaches in summer? And in winter, wonderful sports venues? A financially viable performing arts centre (not the small Cleland Theatre) is the last piece of infrastructure to venture and make Penticton a truly great city.

No need to hire someone to “develop economic opportunities.” Businesses look for a full round of complementary activities to attract the very best “workers” and keep them happy while living in, working in and participating in a location.

Out of town folk marvel at Penticton and region’s sports venues. Let’s have a look at our arts venues. Let’s make them tops too.

Donna Schellenberg