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Letter: Save the lawn bowling club

Since the lease expires with the City of Penticton in 2020, we are hopeful this will be extended

Save the lawn bowling club

The original Penticton Lawn Bowling green was located just off Martin Street behind what was then the Incola hotel, where the Lakeshore condos are now situated.

With the spring flood of 1928, the Penticton Lawn Bowling Club’s newly built green was washed away. The then Village council approved that a new green be built on Brunswick Street where it was completed and officially opened in 1929. This is the same location we occupy today. Funds were raised and the clubhouse was built.

The year 1930 brought ladies into the club. Improvements were made along the way and the last remodelling and expansion was in 1999 to 2001, through the leadership of the late Harry Bonney and very generous support of the club membership. The club, during the past 80 years, has provided a venue for our members to compete, improve their skills, to socialize, as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The upkeep of our greens is done twice weekly by our capable greens crew and club members are responsible for tournament play and social activities. We host other clubs and enjoy a friendly game and get together.

Our playing season begins in April and ends in October, depending on the weather. During the winter months we play short mat in our clubhouse.

Since our lease expires with the City of Penticton in 2020, we are hopeful this will be extended so we can enjoy our sport at this location for many years to come. It would be very costly to build a new green and clubhouse. This would be incumbent upon our members having access to the 14 parking stalls we are presently using in the parking lot behind the federal building on Nanaimo Avenue.

Myrna McLaren