Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Send more Chuck Berry

There are some among us that claim that there is indeed extra-terrestrial life

Over the last 15 years of the Bush and Obama administrations, the U.S. space exploration program has pretty much been abandoned and in fact under Obama’s tenure, NASA has been mandated to emphasize earth sciences in attempts to justify the fraud of anthropogenic global warming.

President Donald Trump, in a recent address of March 22 in Kentucky has stated his administration’s intention to restore the United States back to a true space-faring nation. It remains to be seen if the hysterical McCarthyite impeachment drive against him will interfere with this objective.

In decades past unlike the present, the U.S. didn’t have to rely on Russian rocket technology to launch satellites into our earth’s orbit and beyond. Forty years ago in 1977 the Voyagers 1 and 2 spacecraft blasted off carrying as cargo a time capsule entitled the “Golden Records” designed as a greeting to whatever intelligent lifeform the spacecraft might meet beyond our solar system.

In an attempt to portray the universality of human kind, the capsule contained messages of goodwill in 55 different languages, excerpts from various religions’ sacred books and in an attempt to depict human culture, various genres of literature and music including Bach and Beethoven and a recording of Johnny Be Good from the just deceased rock and roll legend Chuck Berry.

There are some among us that claim that there is indeed extra-terrestrial life and have glibly pointed out that these beings have responded to our attempt to communicate with the simple answer “Send More Chuck Berry!”

Brian Gray