Letter: Stand on guard for Canada

Stand on guard for Canada

Although not active participants in this year’s joyful revelry on Canada’s 150th birthday, our red and white maple leaf was once again respectfully unfurled and displayed in the front yard. Several times during the day my thoughts embraced gratitude because the intensity of our good fortune to be Canadians is magnified tenfold by the backdrop of dark shadows enveloping our precious little blue planet.

The frustrating ham-fisted security delays experienced by enthusiastic citizens wanting to partake in the Parliament Hill celebrations, vividly demonstrates how a cadre of evil-minded pseudo-religious fanatics can create costly confusion in every corner of the world by occasionally wreaking deadly havoc in some unfortunate other corner. Our cherished freedoms and liberties can not be taken for granted. The words, ‘O Canada, we stand on guard for thee’, need far more than lip service.

Lloyd Atkins