Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Stop turning a blind eye

Some of us our starting to voice our concerns about homelessness

Stop turning a blind eye

I recently read the front page article (Western News, July 26, Moving forward from Highland Motel) and I am appalled to read of the condition of the Highland Motel.

Doesn’t Penticton have a public health inspector who monitors landlords, buildings and the living conditions in our city? Currently the owner’s of the Balmoral Hotel in Vancouver are being charged with 60 counts of failing to provide a safe and well maintained environment for the residents. Does the City of Penticton plan to take the owner of the Highland Motel to court? When will we stop turning a blind eye to those people in our community who are most vulnerable?

We don’t often let ourselves think of the fact that, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, many of us are only a paycheque away from becoming homeless. What would happen if we didn’t have family to rely on when we fall upon hard times?

Some of us our starting to voice our concerns. Would it not be wonderful if Penticton was known as the city that provides for all members of it’s community.

To see what Olympia, Washington is doing for it’s homeless, please Google Quixote Village.

Vivian Short