Letter: What’s next for Christy Clark?

What’s next for Christy Clark?

Once again, our B.C. media continue on with their propaganda without stating the true facts. Christy Clark can stay put as official opposition leader. The B.C. Liberals won the provincial election, not the NDP.

The Liberals won five elections in a row, with the fifth one as a minority government. The NDP lost five elections in a row, the latest with their fourth party leader.

Former B.C. NDP Premier Dave Barrett lost government only after one term to former Social Credit Premier Bill Bennett.

Barrett stayed put as official opposition leader for two more provincial elections and lost both of them. Former NDP opposition leader Carole James lost her first election as NDP leader to former B.C. Liberal premier Gordon Campbell. She stayed on as official opposition leader for one more election and also lost that election.

On election night, Clark, Horgan and Weaver all stated that they were willing to work together in a minority government for the benefit of B.C. taxpayers. Only Clark spoke the truth. Why? She listened to what the voting public said and to what Horgan and Weaver said. She brought in a new throne speech. Horgan and Weaver lied about being able to work together. Why? They voted no to a throne speech that included policies pertaining to both the NDP and Green party platforms.

Joe Sawchuk