Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letters: Lifelong friendships developed

While stamp collecting is a solitary pursuit, it can lead to lifelong friendships

Recently I came across an article by Bob Ingraham, president of the B.C. Philatelic Society, that would be of interest to many of your readers. The caption of the article was: What to do when you inherit stamps?

To a stamp collector that would be almost like winning the lottery. Non-collectors, though, have a dilemma — is it valuable and what do I do now?

Basically we have three choices, if we forget about storing it and forgetting about it, which is not the best of solutions. The three choices are these:

1. Become a collector

2. Donate your collection

3. Sell your collection

Number one would be the preferred way, but not everybody wants to spend the time and will thus look at either two or three. The Penticton and District Stamp Club would be happy to receive your donation, which they in turn will auction of and provide the proceeds to charity. Donations can be taken to 2600 Cornwall Dr., Penticton, B.C. V2A 6X3. Get in touch with Gus Boersma at or call him at 250-492-3875.

Selling is a bit trickier as most people have no idea as to where to go or with whom to deal. When selling get at least two or three quotes to see who has the better offer.

Most non-collectors believe that stamp collections are very valuable, and are the ticket to that round-the-world cruise.

Unfortunately we live in the real world, where many collections are worth no more than a few hundred dollars. While stamp collecting is a solitary pursuit, it can lead to lifelong friendships.

The Penticton and District Stamp Club will not meet again until Sept. 10, but we invite the public to join us if you can — all are welcome.

Gus Boersma