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Letters: Protect all our parks

Some questions remain unanswered in regards to the lease of our Skaha Park

Protect all our parks

I want to thank our Penticton citizens that took the time to show up to the recent 2017 candidates forum.

Some questions remain unanswered in regards to who participated in the setting up of the 39-year possible lease of our Skaha Park.

A lease is defined in Canadian Law, as being an encumbrance on the land and could diminish the value of said lands. Several case laws in many Canadian courts can be found with these comments.

It takes a few years for any city to come to the point of issuing an “Expression of Interest” in my mind, so which one of our current candidates was in a specific office to oversee such a project. I leave that decision with you to make prior to voting, but will share with you some info I received from Penticton City Hall.

Mr. Dan Ashton, was a Penticton City Councillor in 2002 thru 2008, then was elected mayor in fall of 2008 thru spring of 2013, when he stepped down to run as a provincial Liberal candidate. The “Expression of Interest” which has caused such an up division in our community was issued May 13, 2013.

You do the math, but in my mind Mr. Dan Ashton, I believe, had a large hand to play in this “Expressions of Interest” issued by City of Penticton on May 17, 2013. It is impossible to dream up such a deal on our Skaha Park in a few months. Please keep this in mind when you vote, we must protect all our parks for our children’s/grandchildren’s future.

Nelson Meikle