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Letters: Fund firefighters not entertainment

I find it hard to understand the city of Penticton’s finance policy. At convention time there was no hint of a shortage of money, and mow, at budget time, we get the usual whining about hard times requiring tax increases and budget cuts to the fire department.

It sends a clear message that the pork trough is more important than fire protection.

Another problem that needs attention is the Event Centre. I am told by the experts that establishments like the Convention Centre and the Event Centre are supposed to operate in the red because they bring a lot of business to the city. Who thought that one up?

Two parties enter into a business venture. One keeps all the profits and the other keeps the bills. The only reason the city can afford to be so generous is that the bills are paid with somebody else’s money.

On the occasion of the Motley Crue performance, I was helping a relative find accommodation. The town was buzzing with crowds. You could not find a vacant hotel room anywhere.

The same crowd patronized the restaurants and a good time was had by all.

I don’t have access to the figures but, based on the price of tickets and the huge turnout, it is clear that the entertainers left town with a ton of local money.

You would think that they could afford to pay their rent. If, for some unexplained reason, they are not expected to pay the centre’s cost in full, one would think that those who profited from the event would pick up the tab.

It is not up to the city to subsidize the business community.

Its responsibility is to provide fire protection for everybody including hotels and restaurants.

Gerry Lepine



Western helps traveller stay in touch

I’ve just come back from a month overseas and I want to say this about that.

Your newspaper has to be congratulated for not only giving readers the news of the valley twice a week, but for also making it available to travellers wherever they are in the world with your e-edition web site.  Well done.  It was easy to pick out the letters to the editor, which is the first thing I look at in any newspaper. You also give a perspective on all the breaking news in the valley.

On the other hand, two unmentionable local papers, to which I have a paid subscription, make you go through a sequence of trying to remember codes, and do a complete re-registration before you could access them.  Then one of the unmentionables ran only a few letters in each issue.

Perhaps you might want to show them how it is done. Fortunately, I was also able to watch some of the CBC news to keep up to date. Not every traveller spends all his or her time in the swimming pool or golf course particularly when you go someplace where the snow is as deep as here.

Frank Martens



Premier liable for smart meter damages

Premier Clark, please understand you have firm and widespread opposition to your careless, harmful and corrupt “smart grid” proposals.

We do not want to be spied on through our utility use. We do not want a radiation-saturated environment from over-deployment of wireless devices.

We do not want to pay different rates for the same electricity and have our energy consumption behavior manipulated by unfair and unjustified taxes, penalties, flexible rates and tiered rates.

It is clear that, to utility customers, there are and will be no savings of any kind, there will be no choices that are not available with analog metering and the smart grid only serves to enrich utility companies and public agencies at huge and unfair expense to the public.

There are absolutely no benefits to consumers in this deceptive program of modernization and you have apparently been diverted in your loyalties to power industry and government elites.

Unless you reverse your positions and support health, safety and privacy with traditional and safe analog meters you will be thought of, and represented as, an enemy of the public by all those who suffer the consequences of your proposed radiation-surveillance rate-gouging Orwellian nightmare.

You are hereby notified that you will now be held personally liable, as an individual, for any and all damages relating to smart meter or grid technology in your province, and this liability extends to any successors of your office.

Any reply, other than taking the appropriate action and preserving the rights of your constituents by preventing smart metering/grid technology deployment in your province, will be deemed as your full acceptance of this liability, both commercially and, where applicable, criminally.

George Venables



Zealots care about tomorrow

I totally resent the reasoning spouted in Gwyn Morgan’s column submitted to newspapers, Canada’s prosperity at risk from enviro zealots. Maybe he had a bad day, but implying that zealots opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline are fanatics is out of tune with the times.

When a person reaches a certain age it’s likely they won’t be around to witness horror and devastation that will happen when their pipelines and ships transporting the greed of a few put another nail in Mother Nature’s coffin.

I remind the greedy about the absence of fish from overfishing on the East Coast due to the greed of man and the B.P. oil spill and all those leaks of late that help screw up the world we zealots have to live in with.

When was it you greedy people actually saw a logging truck transporting real logs instead of toothpick material?

One log in the past could fill the bunker’s of the most modern truck on the highway today. Today and tomorrow’s children are able to see some old growth in pictures or protected areas of pristine forest that the greedy would love to clear cut .

I for one zealot have said it once and I’ll say it again once Canadian resources are gone they are gone forever.

My question to the greedy is why is oil so badly needed overseas when all we hear of late is talk from Premier Christy Clark about cleansing the skies over China with all that fracking LNG which has a 150 year supply? To bad Christy, Tom, Gwyn and the entire world population of today won’t be around to prove the queen of broken hearts and province wrong.

What the greedy apparently don’t care to consider is that the future will affect their own children and that is a big difference between a zealot and the greedy in constant search for the almighty buck.

People  Gwyn Morgan describes as zealots care about tomorrows.

Tom Isherwood



Thanks from Soupateria

The Penticton Community Soupateria Society is very appreciative of the support received during 2013 that allowed us to provide 45,000 hot lunches to those in need. Thank you to the numerous organizations, businesses, individuals, service clubs, that made donations of monies, food, supplies.

The Soupateria was founded in 1986 and has been open for lunch every day for the past 27 years. If you are interested in helping please visit www.soupateria.com.

Keray Levant



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