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Letters: Not everyone wants rid of the deer

Do as I say not as I do

The Americans have spent over $5 billion trying to foment revolt in Ukraine and install a pro-West government in Kiev (at gunpoint) to help undermine and destabilize Russia and now they’ve got what they wanted.

It’s the same old story of the Americans sticking their noses into the internal politics of other country to help spread freedom and democracy also known as American imperialism.

I wonder how long till the new government in Kiev asks for an IMF loan to help structurally adjust their economy? Same old story.

Of course with the Americans it’s do as I say not as I do.

Good example, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry condemned Russia’s invasion of Crimea, meanwhile in Iraq irony is living the high life.

President Obama and the civilian leadership of the U.S. are war criminals. Same goes for Vlad Putin and what he did in Chechnya.

So more than likely what’s going to happen in Ukraine is that it’s going to split in two.

Putin’s not playing, he’s using power to get what he wants, while all Prime Minister Harper and President Obama can do is unfriend him on Facebook.

Cody Young



APTN worth the watch

First of all, I am not related to any aboriginal peoples, but I do periodically check out the TV viewing of the APTN channel.

I am now in my senior years, and am absolutely amazed at what I see on some of the documentary programs.

How many Canadians are aware of how many millions of dollars of tax payers money was spent on fighting the natives from their legal rights to go fishing.

And I’m not talking about massive humongous fishing boats either.

Boats so small that the RCMP were able to run their boats right over the tops of the little fishing boats of the natives.

Not just to keep them from fishing, I believe it was done just to show the power of the government.

And this was done in the early 2000s.

It is so very easy to see the government is doing everything in its power to continue to keep control over the native peoples.

So you readers out there, don’t just take my word for it, check out that channel for yourself, APTN.

In Penticton, it’s on channel 117.

You will be surprised at what you’ll see and learn.

Joan Johnson



Canada Post being mismanaged

The Canadian Postal Service snow job outraged Canadians a short while ago but melted into a puddle as soon as our Conservative government rained on war veterans.

Canada Post president and CEO Deepak Chopra needs to cut operating costs? CEO Chopra is getting rid of employees?

Why is Canada Post bleeding so much red?

I know, Bank of Canada has been allowed to quietly steal our money with a simple scam called usury.

Chopra claims door-to-door delivery is going to bankrupt the company.

This seems bizarre if you know anything about accounting and postal delivery. About 8,000 postal workers will lose their jobs but I heard executives recently received up to a 33 per cent bonus and there are 22 acting vice-presidents.

Chopra must know when you make good profits in one quarter, nothing in the next; there is no cause for alarm! Profits ebb and flow like the tides on a seashore.

Canada Post executives decided implementing a costly and critical grievance system to help weed out lazy postal workers. How to add stress out loyal posties?

Get them to turn on each other. Imagine what this does to family life? Fear of losing a job and being overworked increase the odds of mental breakdown.

Lora Bruncke



Deer need our vigilance

As someone said to me during the present deer debacle, “for every person who complains about the urban deer, there are probably two people who are content living with them.”

The human problem here is that we make news and interesting reading from unhappy people and catastrophizing situations.

Then, the unhappy peoples’ situation is addressed and  perceived as the norm.

It is partly because of this human dynamic that I felt morally obligated to act on this situation, and give a voice to another dominant, albeit quieter, point of view on nature

Thank you to all those other people who came forward to offer their support, and I would ask you to be ready to speak up and act when this issue resurfaces, as it will, since we live in a valley surrounded by nature and not high-rise concrete, and the  honourable Wes Hopkin and Andrew Jakubeit are determined to limit or eliminate human error on our roadways by doing something with our deer.

Heather Caron



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