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Letters: Penticton triathlon provides lifetime of memories

I am saddened to read articles such as the slowtwitch.com article which, in part, reduces the splendor and joy of the wonderful Ironman event that you and the people of Penticton have supported all of these years.

I suspect that I am simply naive and that I see things only from a superficial perspective. I can only say that I continued to experience the wonder that is Penticton even last summer when I tried to do the Challenge.

I do know that I had a life changing experience when you welcomed me home when I finished my first ever triathlon in Penticton in 1997.

I am forever grateful for your positive attitude and the warmth and friendship that you brought to every IMC in which you were the man. I can recall the one year that you were not able to welcome people home after their long day’s journey into night it was a disaster without your vocal embrace and care.

Thank you for all of those years of warmth and welcome.  You are a class guy and everyone who has toed the line in Penticton remembers you and your salutations with love and admiration.

I can also remember vividly the constant feeling of warmth and friendship extended by virtually every resident to every athlete over all of these years. The residents of Penticton may not have realized it, but I became a “local” as soon as I put on my first wrist band all of those years ago.

Penticton is a very special place and its residents are very special people.

One night I was dragging in on the run portion this was my normal approach to the run. At about Mile 18, just outside of town, there were two elderly people sitting on lawn chairs just adjacent to the road, cheering on the participants.

It was getting cold and I stopped and asked what they were doing out in the dark on a cold night. With a very German accent, the man responded, “We stay out here until the last athlete has gone by. We are proud of each and every one of you”  Now that really made me feel honoured.

Not many cities and towns can brag that their inhabitants embrace their athletic visitors in the manner of the German couple that I met. In fact, that couple’s attitude reflects the way that everyone has always treated me.

I personally do not remember feeling a decline in the quality of the race. Up until the very end I wondered at the class act that the volunteers demonstrated.

I believe that people who now seek to tarnish the good name of Penticton, the volunteers and the residents are simply sour apples who have nothing better to do than bitch about minor issues.

I do not know most of the issues that resulted in WTC pulling out. I do not know any reason to blame Graham Fraser or the city or any of the people who spent their valuable time trying to put on a good race. I am sad that the implications of the slowtwitch.com article is that the future of an “endurance” triathlon in Penticton looks bleak. Penticton is such a good venue with such warm and friendly people, that there can be no better place for such an event.

Last summer, I was blessed with the help of a resident that acted as my guide. True to the “Penticton attitude,” he was a warm and forthcoming guide. I was very impressed.

In summary, as someone much more famous than I once said, “Thanks for the memory,” my life is better and bigger because of it.

Jerome (Jay) Carpenter

Woodinville, Wash.


Province must revise energy policy

I would just like to make a comment on the Global BC TV  show Our Energy Future by Jas Johal. The reportage covered all the problems the province faces today regarding our oil and LNG exports to the Asian markets.

I have pointed this out  to the premier and in the opinion pages. We are at a crossroad today to make up our mind.

Do you want  to keep your social service and programs intact or have a lower living standard in B.C. ?

Yes, we must have jobs. This means we must export our resources. We do not have the cash to start to process our resources in B.C. and the markets.

Our LNG export will not save us in the dollar amount the premier is promising. It will be 10 years or more to get the results. The time frame is not in our favour. I think this coverage about our energy is a must for everyone in B.C. to see.

What do the people of British Columbia want?

Henry Stern



Truckers need better deal

Dear Dan Albas,

I only really know what I read in the press. But I also had experience years ago with piece-work truckers.

These guys are hostage to delays not of their own making, yet they are the ones going broke holding their trucks ready to keep their place in line, for when they eventually get under the container crane. It is serfdom.

Nobody wins when the independent workers are ground down so low the system crashes. In this case the big bosses with their complicit regulatory friends have gone too far.

Same for the big union. Step back, legislate cooling off, and put a truly independent third party in there to create piece-rate parity.


What good are trade deals when the grain isn’t moving, the truckers are on strike, container ships are diverting, and independent businesses are going broke waiting for seasonal stock and perishables?

Alan Campbell



Albas proves evasive

MP  Dan Albas reminds people who have a question, “as always  if you have a question or a concern I  am always happy to hear from you.”

What Dan fails to say is if he don’t like the question then you won’t hear from him.

We all have opinions on this, that and the other, so I thought I would ask Dan if he was for or against the Enbridge Gateway pipeline.

Being that Dan preaches transparency I thought he may take up the challenge and give his personal opinion on such an important potential disaster that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Well Dan, you gave the answer by simply failing to answer the question, which shows how much you believe in transparency Dan.

I kind of think most eastern provinces could care less about the not if but when the ruination and saturation of our land and sea arrive compliments of the not so transparent  oily  stooges - Leaky - Sneaky and all  the big C Rhythm pals.

The people in favour of this disgrace could  pop up from the well wearing hats that resemble miniature oil drums for identification.

It will be a rare day indeed when a newspaper asks the hard questions or reports follow-ups to many articles of public interest such as what happened to Diesel the Pooch?

Here is the chance to get the definition of transparency from a Member of Parliament that lays claim to such fame.

Albas basically told me to get lost as I was not one of his constituents.

Silly me, I thought Dan Albas was elected to serve the interests of Canada and all Canadians not just his constituents what a farce !

Tom Isherwood



Quebec premier unclear

A great many Canadians are suspicious of our politicians and Quebec politicians are a perfect example of our suspicions.

Ms. Marois, the Premier of Quebec speaks on both sides of her mouth, as only a couple of weeks ago she was in favour of separation, stating in part that there would be no barrier to Canadians crossing into Quebec and that there would not be tolls in place, whatever that means.

She also stated that when Quebec separated they would continue to use the Canadian monetary system.

This week she has stated that the PQ has no intention of another referendum concerning separation.

Is she really proposing a separation or has someone in her organization convinced her that the talk of separation would not be a good idea in the next election?

The latest polls suggest that the PQ support is declining and the Liberal support is gaining, so is this only an about face in order to remain in power?

She has proven that she is not a very convincing liar and I cannot believe that the citizens in Quebec can fall for her political ploys.

If she still has some intention of Quebec separating, then at least have the guts to admit this and let the people of Quebec decide, not with another referendum, but with a provincial election.

Donald E Thorsteinson



Proper ALR meeting required

Oh Summerland! Where do we go from here?

I wish to make the record clear with regard to the adjournment of the public hearing dealing with the removal of some 200 acres of prime agricultural land from the ALR in our community.

I arrived about 15 minutes prior to the commencement time of the hearing held March 3.

At that time there were 50 to 60 people locked out of the building, and it was cold.

I was allowed in on the understanding that I would seek to have the hearing postponed to another day in a larger facility.

Upon entering I went directly to Mayor Perrino and advised her that the hearing had to be adjourned in view of the fact of the number of persons excluded.

I was advised by her that pen and paper had been left outside so people could write their views. I advised her that did not satisfy the legislation governing public hearings and that if the meeting proceeded there could be legal consequences. As reported on local TV my words fell on deaf ears.

At the next meeting Mayor Perrino had obviously been told she had made a big mistake.

She purportedly adjourned the hearing so a second hearing could be held.

Unfortunately, it appears that the proceeding on March 3 are null and void.

In simple terms this means that the 400 or so citizens who showed up and the 50 or so who spoke may have wasted their time.

The mayor also announced at that meeting there would be town hall meetings so that those whom have not seen the wisdom of removing this precious land from the ALR can be educated. Kind of makes you wonder who’s not listening, doesn’t it?

Brian Adams



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